Welcome to the Serious Game!

In this game you are invited to explore and follow the journey of a migrant, entering the European Union (France, Italy, Spain, specifically) and to learn more about their experiences and life.

The playing routes in the game are partly inspired by true stories of migrants but all personal information shared in the game are fictional. Statistics and general information shared in the game are based on research and facts investigated by the project partners. For further questions, please contact the project partners HERE.

Happy playing!

Recommendations for playing

  • We recommend playing in full screen mode. Click on the button for “Fullscreen” at the bottom right of the game screen.
  • The game offers audio and background music, therefore we do recommend playing with the sound on. The sound of the game can be activated via the volume button on the bottom right of the game screen.
  • In case you want to play the game in another language (we offer English, French, Italian, and Spanish), please switch the language at the top of this page.